Publisher's Description
Learn the meaning of over 500 UK road signs in their actual settings. Being able to recognise and understand the meaning of road signs is vital to developing safe driving and hazard perception skills. Knowing your road signs is also essential if you want to pass the official DSA Driving Theory Test.

  •     Learn the meaning and relevance of over 500 UK road signs.
  •     Over 1,000 photographs, videos and images of road signs and markings to improve your vital road safety and hazard perception driving skills.
  •     Sign Chooser – locate any sign from this extensive database instantly.
  •     Video Chooser – locate any video from the extensive video library of signs.
  •     Highway Code Sign Chooser – locate any sign from the Highway Code instantly.
  •     Test your knowledge in the Quick Fire Quiz and discover your weaknesses.
  •     Interactive 3D Board Game – play against the computer or an opponent.

System Requirements
    PC Operating System: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP
    PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium II 400 or equivalent
    Hard Drive Space (MB): 100MB
    Memory: 128MB
    Graphics: Any 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D graphics card
    CD-ROM Speed: 8x or faster
    Audio: Any 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    Printer: Required for printing user manual
    Multiplayer: N/A 

This comprehensive study guide provides you with over 1,000 photos, videos and images of road signs in their actual environment to make learning easy. Offering much more than a book, this product is ideal for both learners and experienced drivers.

“Knowledge of road signs is integral to road safety. This is an excellent teaching aid for learning road signs”. Inspector Russell Barnes Road Policing Unit, Cheshire Police.

Also includes Road Safety for Children:
Help your child learn the vital skills of road safety so that they ‘arrive alive’. The key areas covered are going to and from school, out and about at night, The Green Cross Code, walking, cycling and rollerblading.
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